Weymouth Beach
Weymouth Beach

Weymouth Beach is a gently curving arc of sand in Weymouth Bay, beside the town of Weymouth in Dorset, England. Immediately adjacent to the beach is The Esplanade.

The beach is a popular destination for sea bathing, and was frequented by King George III during times of illness. The king named Weymouth his ‘first resort’ and made bathing fashionable there.

Weymouth Beach is very wide and gently sloping, with golden sand and shallow waters normally with small waves. In addition to bathing, the expansive beach is used for beach motocross and volleyball.

The beach has the traditional attractions of an English seaside resort, including (during the summer season) donkey ridesPunch and Judysand sculpturestrampolines and a small funfair for children.

At the southern end is Weymouth Pier, including the Pavilion Theatre and Weymouth Sea Life Tower. At the northeastern end is the suburb of Greenhill, with Furzy Cliffand Bowleaze Cove beyond that.

What are people saying about Weymouth Beach?

“Weymouth Beach is an absolutely stunning beach, no matter what month you go in. It is beautiful both during the day when you can see miles out to sea and at night you can see all the lights and it still looks just as beautiful. We went Feb – April & it wasn’t busy so was lovely to be able to walk where we wanted etc; This may change when it if peak season and busy as it is a known tourist spot, so please bear this in mind when planning a visit!! As it is a tourist location, there are places selling ice creams and fish & chips right on the sea front. Perfect!”


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Weymouth Beach
Weymouth Pavilion